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The Church is an essential and very effective conduit for ECD  with its geographical reach, human and other assets and firm conviction on the preciousness  life.  ECD via the Church gives effect to the overarching, missional objective of being send into the world to witness to the love God has for His entire creation.  This includes reaching out to the pain and  suffering of the world through acts of service and working towards reconciliation and transformation in the light of God’s justice.

 The church has reached consensus that ECD is the best option for long-term committed systemic intervention in the eradication of poverty and equality to all.

  • Educate the congregation on the necessity of ECD in the development of every human being.
  • Talk to the community about child development through awareness campaigns.
  • Avail assets such as funding, buildings, volunteers and other expertise and conceptualise it as part of a developmental approach to your ministry of compassion and outreach as a missioned church.
  • Encourage the community to create safe learning environments or start reading groups or day care and aftercare centres through Little Seeds and social worker support.
  • Contact Little Seeds for consultation, information and assistance regarding support and start-up of ECD initiatives in your congregation and community.

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