• Little Seeds
    is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) unit, unifying ECD programmes and services delivered by the church, Diaconia and Badisa.
  • Quality Learning
    Little Seeds has the vision that children are the future and that each child deserves access to quality early learning so that he or she can grow and thrive.
  • Four essential building blocks
    Children need the essential building blocks of love, nutrition, security and stimulation.
  • 6 out of 10 children live in poverty
    A child’s cognitive ability is adversely affected if they are exposed to continuous poverty and deprivation in their first years of life.
  • Positive interaction
    Every child has to have at least one loving, stable and responsive relationship with an adult caregiver.

Empower, Support, Train and Guide.

Little Seeds invests in empowering, supporting, training and guiding communities to develop and stimulate their children in the most important first five years of their life. We do this by utilising our local knowledge and expertise in the field, but also by forming partnerships with likeminded organisations, thereby accessing networks where even more opportunities await.

What is our impact in communities?


Little Seeds, a joint initiative of Diaconia and Badisa

Diaconia is a joint service group of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape) and Uniting Reformed Church (Cape). Badisa is a faith based designated Child Protection Organisation (CPO).

Grounded in these values, the result of the union between church and organisation has led to Little Seeds’ innovative edge in the ECD space.

We do this with the help of congregations and communities. Join us on our journey so that every child in South Africa can access early development opportunities and a thriving future.

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ABSA Savings Account no.: 936 493 5277, Branch code: 62005