Little Seeds is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) unit, which came into being through a need to unify ECD programmes and services delivered separately by Diaconia and Badisa.

Diaconia is a joint service group of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape) and Uniting Reformed Church (Cape). Badisa is a faith based designated Child Protection Organisation (CPO).

Our mission, inspired by our God-given calling, is to promote, facilitate and provide accessible Early Childhood Development services in areas of need in collaboration with faith communities and a network of partners.

We define Early Childhood Development Services on two levels, namely:

The physical, psychological, cognitive and social development of children between birth and 9 years, and

Strengthening child protection by creating safe and secure environments for children.

This collective movement offers an umbrella of dedicated and comprehensive ECD services focused on Advocacy Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention.

The basket of services includes:

  • SmartStart which focuses on training and supporting community members to start their own micro-enterprises in the field of home-based, quality ECD to children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old;
  • Day Mother program for the stimulation of children between 0 and 5 years;
  • Little Seeds reading groups aimed at raising awareness about the importance of reading for fun.
  • Registration and management of ECD centres through our expert knowledge and experience in this field.

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