More About Little Seeds

A joint initiative of Diaconia and Badisa





Little Seeds is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) unit that was established by the unification of ECD programmes and services delivered by Diaconia and Badisa. Badisa is known for well-established governance, structures and processes. Diaconia has an unique reach to communities through congregations. The union of these organisations increase access and allows for local capacity building which leads to a deeper impact and sustainable change.  Well established partnerships allow for increased synergies.

Little Seeds' aim is to address poverty and inequality through quality early childhood development in the Cape Region of South Africa.

Although a joint initiative, Little Seeds will preside under the legal entity of Badisa.



An Early Childhood Development movement that
enables children in the Cape Region to grow and thrive.



Inspired by our God-given calling, we promote, facilitate and provide accessible Early Childhood Development services in areas of need in collaboration with faith communities and a network of partners.

We define Early Childhood Development Services on two levels, namely:

  • The physical, psychological, cognitive and social development of children between birth and 9 years, and
  • Strengthening child protection by creating safe and secure environments for children.