Throughout the Bible we find ways how God involved children in his workings with mankind. We firmly believe He still involve them in the coming of his Kingdom today. Therefor Little Seeds view the church as an important strategic partner for promoting awareness, support and implementation of ECD initiatives.

Congregations, as local expressions of the Body of Christ, are perfectly positioned in their communities to offer support to already-existing ECD initiatives, or to start new initiatives if needed in a community. It is important for each congregation to find their unique calling with regards to their involvement with ECD.

What can congregations do:


Little Seeds can assist with:

  • Consultation and process facilitation to discover/confirm unique calling as an ECD congregation.
  • Consultation and support with regard to involvement in ECD projects and initiatives in the community.
  • Presentation of workshops, training, conversations and sermons aimed at awareness and mobilisation of congregations and communities.
  • Distribution of sermons, resources (brochures, training materials) and ECD related information in printed and digital format.