You can make a difference.


Communities and Businesses

ECD is essential for happy and safe communities where businesses can thrive. Your staff benefits, and are more efficient workers, when they know their young children are receiving the care and education they need.

  • Support the Little Seeds ECD programmes to improve the quality of education by donating funding and/or resources.
  • Establish community collaborative learning environments through the programmes of Little Seeds.
  • Create safe learning environments, start reading groups or ECD initiatives providing access to early learning development.
  • Become part of awareness campaigns by participating in or organizing ECD related calendar events or campaigns.
  • Highlight the importance of school readiness and the value of play.
  • Identify day mothers who can start day mother programmes.

Partnerships with communities will provide children with a secure base to explore learning.

  • Value the child’s contribution to society as a future citizen.
  • Support children to stay safe and healthy.
  • Treat all children with respect and love.
  • Be a role model for the whole community!

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