During Covid19, one of the most important lessons learnt is that we should be more aware of our attitude towards and thinking about the use of social media and technology. The most important question we should ask ourselves is ‘What are my limiting beliefs?’

  • Is it too difficult to master?
  • Do I see it a less valuable form of communication?
  • Is it less effective than conventional methods?

The best way to overcome one’s resistance is to challenge one’s limiting beliefs by asking the following question, “What if it is possible, not too difficult and proves to be an effective way of communication?”

A lot of us embraced this new way of work out of sheer necessity.  However, as we improved our skills and changed our attitudes, we have started to realise that it has also changed our way of working for the better. 

In comparison to conventional methods, WhatsApp groups, when managed effectively, enabled us to communicate faster and to resolve problems quicker and more effectively by involving all the role-players for input and information sharing. Video Conferencing and Livestream webinars enabled us to host meetings and attend trainings, even on very short notice.  It proved to be a time-saver and it could be an interactive way of sharing information and of communicating.

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